Agent Workbench

A feature rich, configurable portal for agents to accomplish their work whenever and wherever. Its responsive web UI makes it usable on all devices. Along with customer, policy, and billing inquiry it also allows agents to quote, bind and issue based on risk profile.

Fully Customizable Portal

Tailor to specific needs

All the configurations can be customized and adapted, according to individual needs.

Different paradigms

Support for Metadata generated, Metadata controlled, and Custom UI Paradigms.


Introduce new coverages and eligibility/underwriting questions without code changes.

Role-based and Responsive

Build portals

Create user interfaces and self-service portals, using existing widgets and configurations or create custom ones.

One implementation

With just one implementation, set-up up different functionalities for multiple audiences.


Easily adapts to smartphones, tablets and PC for a smooth user experience.

Reusable Widgets

Improve consistency, eliminate code duplication

CONFIGURE Effortlessly

Configure various aspects such as label, default value, help, style and plenty more, using the Product Configurator.

set exceptions

Widgets get hidden when not applicable, based on criteria such as state, date, product, or risk type.

Extensible library

Wide range of widgets available out-of-the-box like dynamic questions and lists. More can be added when required.