Rules Engine

Jarus Rules Engine applies business rules uniformly to make decisions on whether a risk is eligible or not and whether to allow straight thru processing or refer the risk for further review and underwriter approval.

Key Features

Easily set-up rules

Create and manage edit and eligibility rules, underwriting and straight through processing rules, and form attachment rules using the Product Configurator.

No-code, low code

Make changes to rules with very minimal coding.

Complete Control

Configure what rules are executed, in which order, and under what conditions.


Use macros to access data from API request and return data to API response.

Rule logs

Rule logs display what rules/steps have been executed or skipped and the output of each step.

Change Management

Maintain rates, rating logic and different business rules using the Product Configurator. Clone, version and audit with change management.

Monoline and multi-line

Support rules and rating for monoline and multi-line package policies seamlessly.

Enhanced Management

Import/Export rules and rate data using Excel to add new or edit existing ones effortlessly.

Easily set exceptions

Easily incorporate state, company, LOB and coverage exceptions through the web-based user interface.

No-code, low code

Make majority of changes to rating steps, rate data and business rules with no minimal coding.

Simple Syntax

Use Excel like syntax - for example “Min”, “Max” for rating, and “Refer”, “Reject” for rules.


Multi-User Friendly

With a very minimal learning curve business users and analysts can define workflow, products definitions, rating logic and rules.


Mix and match rules and rating components with other best-of-breed solutions. Replace only what you must.

High Visibility

Web-based UI externalizes rating logic, business rules and configurations.


Shrink time-to-market to implement rating for new states and products. Quickly introduce rate, rule and form changes.

Ease of Use

Separates ‘what’ and ‘when’ from ‘how’ without any special syntax, resulting in simplicity and readability.

Boosts Performance

Obtain sub second performance. Fast enough to rate and present quote options to upsell.