BI & Reporting

Jarus BI and Reporting is a powerful self-service BI solution that is based on Microsoft Power BI. It has a flexible OLAP schema that can analyze not only data from Jarus Policy Admin System but from other custom built or third party systems to provide a wholistic view of the business operations of an insurer. Since this is based on Microsoft Power BI that has extensive documentation and is accessible universally, it simplifies deployment and management of this BI and reporting solution.

Key Features

Standard reports

Out-of-box financial, sales, underwriting, claims reports.

Stat reports

Generates statistical reports.

Data quality metrics

Data quality metrics measures data quality and identifies issues in ETL of data from OLTP systems to the OLAP schema.

Self-service BI

Microsoft Power BI is very easy to use and users can analyze and create their own visualizations of data.

Mobile and universal access

Microsoft Power BI allows the reports to be accessed from anywhere, from smartphones, laptops and desktops.

Report delivery

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports can be scheduled to be delivered to business users automatically.