Jarus Billing is a flexible system that automates the billing lifecycle for policyholders and handles direct and agency billing for all lines of businesses. Its easy user interface for policyholders and agents allows quick changes to billing plans and provides speed-to-market solutions by using a flexible workflow engine to configure billing workflows.


  • Invoice & notice generation and tracking.
  • Scheduling and rescheduling of different pay plans.
  • Batch payment processing with verification of totals.
  • Support for write-offs.
  • Generates report data as per requirement: daily/weekly/monthly.
  • Integration with external vendor systems like Lexis Nexis FIRST.


  • Various payment methods to suit customer needs.
  • Improves security of billing information with restricted access.
  • Payment transfers from one bill account to another.
  • Easy Refund processing.
  • Agent commission processing and agency view to the commission information.