Jarus Products

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Jarus Policy Admin System and Digital Experience Platform offer a suite of components with hundreds of features that enable an insurer to support different lines of business.

Key ISF Components

Product Configurator

A web-based tool for business analysts and developers. Central component of the ISF framework.

Metadata UI Framework

Create configurable UI and self-service portals. Reusable widgets improve consistency and eliminate code duplication.

Mobile App Framework

Dynamically change applications without having to publish custom iOS and Android mobile apps.

Business Rule Engine

With a very minimal learning curve, even business users and analysts can specify the applicability criteria and sequence in which the rules are fired.

Rating Engine

Externalize all rating steps and rate data. Rate monoline and multi-line policies, and incorporate state and company exceptions.


Create, save and edit quotes, and issue, endorse, renew, cancel and reinstate policies using RESTful microservices.

Product Configurator

A browser-based multi-user tool for business analysts and developers.

Easy management

Leverage configurator to create and edit product definitions, rating logic, rate steps, rate data, business rules and UI metadata.

No special syntax

Business users can easily use and manage this tool without needing to learn any special syntax.

Metadata driver UI

Reusable widgets

Reusable widgets improve consistency and eliminate code duplication.

Tailor to specific needs

All the configurations can be customized and adapted, according to individual needs.

Different paradigms

Support for Metadata generated, Metadata controlled, and Custom UI Paradigms.

Role-based and responsive

With one implementation, create portals for multiple audiences which adapts to smartphones, tablets and PC.

Build portals

Create adaptable user interfaces and self-service portals.


Introduce new coverages and eligibility/underwriting questions without code changes.

Rich Mobile Apps

Compelling user experience to your agents, policyholders and internal users


Support for registration and login, single sign-on with role-based authorization.

Policy inquiry

Get policy, billing and coverage details. Support for Package policies.

ID cards, policy docs

Easy access to vehicle ID cards, Certificates of Insurance and other policy documents.

Make payments

Make secure payments. Support multiple payment processors, Apply Pay and Android Pay.

Submit claims

Submit First Notice of Loss (FNOL/FROI) , upload relevant photos and videos. Check claims status.

Roadside help

Find tow and repair facilities. Help during time of accident.

Support multiple LOBs

Available for P&C, Life and Annuity, Workers Comp and Reinsurance LOBs


Capture driving behavior, calculate trip scores and overlay faulty driving incidents.

Features for agents

Customer search, Book of business search, Quotes and Endorsements.

Metadata Driven Configurable Apps and Portals

Business Rule Engine

Externalize business rules

Create and manage edit and eligibility rules, underwriting and straight through processing rules, and form attachment rules using the Product Configurator.

No-code, low code

Make changes to rules with very minimal coding.

Change management

Track versions and audit them using the change management features.

Handle exceptions

Easily incorporate state and company exceptions through the web-based user interface.

Rule logs

Analyze sequence of rules fired, and ones that did not, using rule logs.

Rating Engine

Externalize rating logic

Maintain rates and rating logic using the Product Configurator. Version and audit with change management.

Monoline and multi-line

Support rating of monoline and multi-line package policies seamlessly.

Rate testing

Perform rate testing and histogram comparisons to see the effect of rate changes.

Easily set exceptions

Easily incorporate state and company exceptions through the web based user interface.

No-code, low code

Make changes to rating steps and rate data with very minimal coding.

Rate logs

Compute premiums at coverage, risk item and product/policy level. Analyze the steps and results in detail, using rate logs



Microservices to create, read, update and delete products, policy transactions, risk items, coverages, forms and endorsements.

Policy versioning

Get a copy of the complete policy image as of a certain date.

Support out-of-sequence

Out-of-sequence and multi-term transaction support.

Fine and coarse grain

Microservices at various granular levels to address chunky vs chatty issues. Update either 1 transaction, or 50 transactions with just one call.

Headless support

Allows creation and issue of quotes and policies without user interface.

Model mapping

Two-way mapping between object model and the UI eliminates the need to create separate presentation layer view models and additional code.