Jarus Microservices

Jarus Microservices provide a very fast, highly scalable, line-neutral applications programming interfaces (API) to create, save and modify monoline and multi-line quotes and policies. It is micro in the sense that if the change is small, for example, only one coverage is to be updated, only the changes need to be sent.


Microservices to create, read, update and delete products, policy transactions, risk items, coverages, forms and endorsements.

Policy versioning

Get a copy of the complete policy image as of a certain date.

Support out-of-sequence

Out-of-sequence and multi-term transaction support.

Fine and coarse grain

Microservices at various granular levels to address chunky vs chatty issues. Update either 1 transaction, or 50 transactions with just one call.

Headless support

Allows creation and issue of quotes and policies without user interface.

Model mapping

Two-way mapping between object model and the UI eliminates the need to create separate presentation layer view models and additional code.