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Excel in Customer Engagement by leveraging purpose built Unified Digital Solutions for Insurance

Native Mobile Apps for Agents and Policyholders

Enterprise class Jarus Mobile Applications are purpose-built to suit the specific needs of the Insurance industry.

Empower your agents, policyholders and internal users with full-featured, native mobile applications with support for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Leverage the Jarus Unified Digital Framework to cost effectively customize and brand these white label apps to launch your own mobile offering on all popular devices.

Native Mobile Apps for Agents and Policyholders

Responsive Self-Service and Quoting Portals

Rich, customizable and powerful, the Jarus Portal framework is purpose-built to meet the diverse needs of insurance carriers. By using this responsive framework, carriers can quickly customize and deploy agent and policyholder self-service portals, including versatile quoting portals. Responsive Web design ensures an optimal user experience irrespective of whether the portal is accessed through smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. Our powerful Admin UI utility provides the flexibility to add or modify features without requiring cumbersome code changes.

Responsive Self-Service and Quoting Portals

Conversational Interface for Insurance

Jarus CX is an insurance specific, AI driven, cross-platform conversational interface framework that allows users to interact with carrier systems in a friction free manner using common chat and voice commands. Customize and launch your own offering so that users can seamlessly communicate from a variety of services, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype and Google Assistant.

Conversational Interface for Insurance

Policyholder Features

  • Registration and Login
  • Find an Agent
  • Manage My Policy
  • Digital ID cards
  • Documents
  • Billing inquiry
  • Online payment, Apply Pay
  • Quick Quote
  • Accident/Roadside help
  • Submit Claim
  • Photo Upload
  • Claim status inquiry
  • Find Tow/Repair Shops
  • Push Notifications

Agent Features

  • Registration and Login
  • Customer Search
  • Book of Business
  • Commission and sales info
  • Tasks and Alerts
  • Policy and Coverage details
  • Digital ID cards
  • Documents and Brochures
  • Quick quote for Auto, Home and Life
  • Application status inquiry
  • Billing inquiry, Online payment
  • Auto and Home Endorsements
  • Submit Claim
  • Claim status inquiry

Enhanced Features

  • Telematics
  • Scan Drivers License
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Attach Photos and Videos
  • Device Wallet Integration
  • Premium Audit
  • Education/Certification
  • Usage Analytics
Policyholder Features
Agent Features

Jarus Digital API

Designed by Jarus specifically for the Insurance industry, the Jarus Digital API is a set of standards based, language neutral RESTful services. These RESTful services facilitate multiple devices, using different languages and technologies to communicate with carrier backend systems in a secure manner.

Jarus provides an API Reference Implementation, which insurers can leverage to accelerate custom implementations.

Unique Features

  • Available for Property & Casualty, Life & Annuity, Workers’ Comp and Reinsurance
  • Most key features, such as coverages, are metadata driven and are not hard coded
  • Powerful admin UI to add and modify features and forms
  • Flexible two-way integration with carrier backend systems
  • Modular, open, API centric architecture ensures no vendor lock-in
  • Admin UI and backend integrations are common across all solutions. This reuse results in significant savings and ensures that feature changes take effect simultaneously on both portals and mobile apps
  • Multi-lingual capability

Unified Digital Customer Engagement Platforms

Native Apps

  • Mobile App for Policyholders
  • Mobile App for Agents
  • Claims App

Responsive Portals

  • Agent Self-Service Portal
  • Policyholder Self-Service Portal
  • Quoting Portal
  • Custom Portals for Specialty Lines

AI Driven Bots

  • Policyholder Self-service Bot
AI Driven Bots
Unified Digital Customer Engagement Platforms

Admin UI

Admin UI is a central component of the patent pending Jarus Self-Service and Mobile App architecture. Instead of hardcoding each feature, various user interfaces are driven by metadata stored in the metadata storage and maintained by the Admin UI. Insurers are able to view and edit the metadata in real-time. Portals and mobile apps then read the published changes and alter their behavior dynamically.

  • Change is easy – there is no need to make changes to multiple code bases
  • Changes happen simultaneously on both the portals and mobile apps
  • User interface is consistent, uniform and the code base remains compact
  • Modular and open architecture ensures clean separation between presentation and business logic layers
  • Flexible integration with policy admin, billing and claims systems

Jarus Metadata Architecture

Self-service Portal

Jarus Technologies is a leader in digital and core system transformation solutions for the Property & Casualty and Life & Annuity insurance industries. Our powerful Micro Services and Frameworks are purpose built for insurers and offer unmatched flexibility and customization capabilities, resulting in increased business agility and scalability.

What our Customers say…

“We are able to integrate our portals and mobile applications for our family of companies using common backend APIs. We are happy with this unified digital approach to deal with our multiple companies and frontend platforms.

The result is a consistent customer experience, reduction in maintenance programming, and ultimately, cost savings for our company.”

- Mitch Walton, AVP, IT, Donegal Insurance Group.