Transform into a Digital Insurer by leveraging purpose built Digital and Core System Frameworks.

Jarus Technologies is a leader in digital and core system transformation solutions. Our powerful frameworks are purpose built for insurers and are infused with all around digital capabilities. These frameworks offer unmatched flexibility and customization options, resulting in increased business agility and scalability.

Craft the most optimal and custom-tailored solutions to fit your specific needs, at a fraction of the cost of other approaches. Retain full control of your solutions with complete access to the source code.

Jarus Digital

Unified Digital Metadata Framework

Create comprehensive digital customer engagement platforms, including native mobile applications, responsive self-service portals and Chatbot interfaces. Offer a seamless and compelling user experience to your agents, policyholders and internal users.

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Jarus ISF

Insurance Systems Framework®

Build unique and flexible policy administration, billing and claims systems using our innovative, component-based Insurance Systems Framework. Support multiple LOBs, including personal, commercial, farm, non-standard and specialty lines.

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Jarus RRF

Rules and Rating Framework

Avoid overhead in buying and supporting two different solutions – one for rules and one for rating. In addition to being part of our Insurance Systems Framework, a standalone version of Jarus RRF can also be integrated with any other core systems.

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Jarus BI

Reporting and Analytics Framework

Create configurable dashboards and reports, with support for both pre-built and ad-hoc reports. Collect and analyze insurance specific analytics to unlock the value of data and gain deeper insights.

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Business Benefits

  • Gain agility and drive revenue growth by leveraging our cutting-edge frameworks and solutions
  • Keep customers engaged with delightful digital capabilities and personalized experience
    • Digital ID Cards
    • Flexible quoting
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Digital FNOL
    • Alerts and Push Notifications
  • Achieve true straight-thru processing capabilities, and offer no-touch, low-touch transactions
  • Empower agents with comprehensive self-service capabilities, and anytime, anywhere flexibility
  • Offer consistent workflow across various P&C and Life LOBs, including personal, commercial, farm, non-standard and specialty lines

Technology Benefits

  • Leverage your previous technology investments – Keep what you like and ONLY build what is NECESSARY
  • Accelerate development with our scalable architecture and pre-built components
  • Reduce cost – Create custom tailored solutions at fraction of the cost of other approaches
  • Open, Modular and Flexible
  • Avoid vendor lock-in – Retain full-control with complete access to architecture, design and source code
  • Gain access to our experienced implementation team

What our Customers say…

“We’ve realized a great deal of success in building our own policy admin system. Surprisingly, we achieved this at a fraction of the cost of package based solutions, and at a faster timeline. Our relationship with Jarus has turned into a true, long-term partnership.”

- Andy Edwardson, CIO, Farmers Alliance Companies.

“API Management layer is critical to legacy modernization.  It will not only make integration of best-of-breed or best-fit-for-purpose systems easier but will also add agility for the future. As any one of these systems becomes obsolete, a new one can be integrated with ease.
I’m impressed with the level of thought and attention to the details by the Jarus team in creating their micro service APIs.”

- Brahm Om Sharma, Sr. Director and Head of IT, AON Affinity Insurance.

“We are able to integrate our portals and mobile applications for our family of companies using common backend APIs. We are happy with this unified digital approach to deal with our multiple companies and frontend platforms.

The result is a consistent customer experience, reduction in maintenance programming, and ultimately, cost savings for our company.”

- Mitch Walton, AVP, IT, Donegal Insurance Group.