High Quality SOA Implementation

End-to-end assistance for SOA projects from conception to successful deployment

  • Identification and analysis of areas of best fit for SOA
  • ROI study and assistance in prioritization of projects
  • Strategy development

  • Definition of Reference Architecture
  • Tool Selection
  • Identification and definition of Service Level agreements
  • Detailed design of interfaces, data exchange formats (canonical XML)
  • Identification and leveraging of industry standards

Jarus provides end-to-end assistance from conception to successful delivery of SOA projects

Jarus SOA Methodology Highlights

SOA Accelerators
  • Reference Architectural Patterns
  • Proven Agile Development Methodology
  • ROI Calculators
  • Solutions to common SOA implementation issues such as performance

Technology Expertise
  • Experience with several messaging, ESB, BPM products
  • Vendor neutral
  • Assist customers in selecting the right tools without bias
  • Solutions to common SOA implementation issues such as performance

Domain Expertise
Successful implementations
Flexible delivery models
Jarus shrinks project duration and cost by 50% or more, reduces risk and improves quality

Strategy Development

Business strategy development
  • Understand business issues
  • Understand market conditions and competitive landscape
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement
  • Create and communicate business goals and vision

IT strategy development
  • Evaluate current infrastructure’s fitness (reuse, evolve, replace)
  • Identify technology needs
  • Determine future architecture
  • Tool selection
  • Methodology selection
  • Proof-of-concept

  • IT Plan and SOA Roadmap
  • Reference Architecture
  • Sample reference implementation

Architectural Patterns

Proven solutions to technology challenges faced by corporations


  • SSO
  • Role based entitlement, …

When and How [not] to use …:

  • ESB
  • BMP
  • Business Rule Management Systems

Service design:

  • Business services design
  • Shared services design to promote reuse
  • Repurposing customer service transactions for self-service
  • How to specify and satisfy Service Level Agreements (SLA) for services

Data issues

  • Common Data model and Canonical XML format design
  • XML to BO and BO to back-end mapping Leveraging Industry standards

Performance issues

  • Performance Testing, Optimization and Monitoring
  • Logging

SOA Services Architecture