Self-service Portals

Self-service Portals

Jarus Self-service Portal is a rich, customizable and powerful portal framework that is purpose-built for Insurance. Using this framework, Insurers are able to quickly customize and deploy agent and policyholder portals. Responsive Web design ensures a seamless experience to all users irrespective of whether they use smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. A powerful admin UI gives the Insurers flexibility to add or modify features without requiring code changes.

Agent Functionality

  • Customer search
  • Policy inquiry
  • View policy documents
  • View ID cards/ COI
  • Make Payment Online
  • Get Quote, Bind
  • Endorsements
  • Submit claim
  • Claim status enquiry

Policyholder/Prospect functionality

  • Register, Login, Password reset
  • View Policies
  • Agent contact info
  • Make Payment Online
  • Get Quote
  • Get ID cards
  • View policy documents
  • Submit claim
  • Find Agent


  • Available for Property & Casualty, life & Annuity and Reinsurance
  • Responsive Web Design delivers optimal experience on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • All features are metadata driven and not hard coded
  • Powerful admin UI to add and modify functionality
  • Flexible two-way integration with carrier backend
  • Modular, open API centric architecture ensures no vendor lock-in
  • Admin UI and backend integration are reusable by Jarus Mobile Apps. This reuse results in significant savings and ensures that features changes take effect simultaneously on both portals and mobile apps
  • Multi-lingual capability

Benefits for Insurers

  • Speed-to-market provides competitive advantage to Insurers
  • Superior architecture enables “mobile first” strategy
  • Metadata driven UI ensures portals remain flexible and consistent
  • Admin UI allows Insurers to add and modify functionality instantly
  • Admin UI enables one integrated way to manage both portals and mobile apps
  • Modular architecture ensures clean separation between presentation and business logic layers
  • Flexible options to integrate with the policy admin, claims and billings systems
  • Superior API design makes API reusable across the enterprise and bootstraps API centric enterprise
  • Open architecture ensures no vendor lock in
  • Source code license gives Insurers full control and flexibility
  • Choice of Microsoft.NET. Java or PHP implementations

Benefits for Users

  • Consistent look-and-feel and easy-top-use user interface improves productivity
  • Single Sign-On to access all features exposed in the portal
  • Role based authorization
  • Reflexive questioning optimizes data entry
  • Responsive Web Design allows users to access the portal from device of their choice
  • Whenever and wherever flexibility

Admin UI

Admin UI is a central component of the patent pending Jarus Self-service Portal and Mobile App architecture. In our architecture the portal and the mobile app functionality is not hard coded. The user interface is driven by the metadata stored in metadata storage and maintained by the Admin UI. Using the Admin UI, Insurers are able to view and edit the metadata. Once a change is made to the metadata and published, the portals and mobile apps read that change and alter their behavior immediately. This ensures the following

  • Change is easy – there is no need to make changes to the multiple code bases
  • Change happens simultaneously on portal and mobile apps
  • User interface is consistent and uniform and code base remains compact
Self-service Portal