Reports ASAP

Jarus Reports ASAP is a Business Intelligence and reporting solution that is customized for insurers. It allows business users to get up-to date reports, customize reports or create new ad-hoc reports.

The Need

To address complex business issues and gain insight into performance and profitability, Insurers must be able to transform operational data from multiple back end systems into actionable intelligence. More and more insurers are seeking insurance specific BI solutions that is able to meet the needs of marketing, underwriting, actuarial, claims, accounting and senior management.

The Solution

Jarus Reports ASAP is an end-to-end BI solution for Insurers that is pre-packaged with a comprehensive set of standard insurance reports. It is a dynamic reporting system that is able to perform complex analyses in real time and present the results in a rich, powerful and intuitive user interface. With just a few mouse clicks, business users are able to create and run reports without technical background or prior training. With dashboards, performance metrics and powerful navigation capabilities, users are able to quickly drill down to the right information to make better business decisions and increase profitability.


Business Benefits

Reports ASAP enhances profitability by delivering clear, concise reports to executive and business users in the following domains:

  • Marketing
  • Underwriting
  • Reinsurance
  • Claims
  • Actuarial and
  • Accounting

System Highlights

Reports ASAP enhances profitability by delivering clear, concise reports to executive and business users in the following domains:

  • End-to-end solution including extract,transform, load, reporting, analysis and security administration.
  • Insurance specific data dictionary, calculations, performance metrics and reporting templates.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface for non-technical insurance professionals.
  • Modular, open and easily customizable.

Key Features

  • Dynamic calculation of earned and unearned premiums at any date
  • Claim development (triangulation) and claim reserve run-off analysis
  • Unlimited, product-specific, risk-analysis parameters
  • Drill-down to any level including individual client, policy or claim
  • Changing organizational structures for support of “as-if” scenarios
  • Full meta-data management for all measurements, dimensions and reports
  • Time-rollback for viewing a report as it appeared at any previous date
  • Query accelerator using aggregation tables
  • Advanced security methods incorporating X.509 and Active Directory
  • Report saving and offline display
  • Advanced printing and exporting to all common formats (PDF, HTML, Excel, text, image files)

System Component

A multi-dimensional Insurance data model with a data dictionary. Model also includes common calculated variables for insurance and analytic functions.

A fully customizable module to extract, transform and load data from carrier back end into Reports ASAP DWH.

A parametric query-building mechanism that interprets and translates users’ requests based on insurance business language into complex software query procedures required for analyzing and creating the output.

A rich, powerful and intuitive environment that enables non-technical insurance professionals to define reports and conduct analyses using familiar insurance terminology. This ensures a short learning curve and widespread adoption throughout the company.