Jarus Mobile Apps – Life & Annuity

Life & Annuity Mobile Apps

Jarus Life & Annuity mobile apps are purpose built for life insurance companies to help users manage their policies using their mobile device. Users of the Jarus Life & Annuity apps have the ability to make payments, quote for life or annuity policies, change a beneficiary and help agents search for customers and their policies.

App Features

Security features
  • Login
  • Reset Password
  • User registration
  • User preferences
Policyholder service
  • Make Payment
  • View policy and coverage details
  • View Policy Declarations & Forms
  • Initiate endorsements
  • Add/Change Beneficiary
Get a Quote
  • Life and Annuity quotes
Agent only features
  • Search for customers/policies
  • View book of business
  • Alerts and Tasks
  • View Reports and Documents
Prospect features
  • Find Agent
  • Get a quote (Life & Annuity)
  • Push Notification
  • Passbook/Samsung Wallet
  • Voice message for customer service
  • Education/Certification


The real strength of Jarus Mobile solution is its sound architecture including secure middleware, and the Jarus Mobile API for integrating with core backend systems.

Designed by Jarus for the Insurance industry, Jarus Mobile API is a set of standards based, language neutral RESTful services. These RESTful services facilitate multiple devices, using different languages and technologies to communicate with the carrier backend in a secure manner.

In addition to the API specification, Jarus also provides a Reference Implementation of the API, using which insurers can accelerate their custom implementations.

Another important feature of our architecture is that the portal and the mobile app functionality is not hard coded. The user interface is driven by the metadata stored in metadata storage and maintained by an Admin UI. Once a change is made to the metadata and published, the portals and mobile apps read that change and alter their behavior immediately.

Available Platforms