Jarus technologies delivers a number of innovative solutions to the Insurance industry in the areas of new business, policy administration and agent and customer self-service.

Policy Admin Implementation

Insurance Systems FrameworkTM

Jarus Insurance Systems FrameworkTM (ISF) is a modern, agile platform that accelerates Policy Admin System transformation. It consists of a set of purpose-built software components that are flexible and easily customizable to suit the business needs of Insurers. With Insurance Systems Framework, Insurers are able to bring new products into market much faster. Compared to traditional build or buy approaches, Insurance Systems Framework approach is superior because it not only reduces effort and eliminates risks, Insurers are able to accomplish system transformation at a fraction of cost of packaged software or the typical cost it would take to build in-house.


Mobile Apps for Insurance

Jarus has developed a set of feature rich and customizable native mobile apps targeting iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. These enterprise class mobile apps are purpose-built to suit specific needs of the insurance industry and to meet the unique needs of multitude of personal and commercial P&C, Life, Workers’ Compensation, and Reinsurance lines of business.



Based on the popular request from current mobile app customers, Jarus introduced the Telematics feature to its suite of Property and Casualty Mobile Apps. By leveraging the built-in sensors that are readily available on user’s smartphones, the telematics feature captures high-fidelity driving data without the need to rely on aftermarket hardware devices, and at a fraction of the cost. The telematics feature also provides sophisticated algorithms and advanced trip analytics to identify events such as excessive acceleration, speeding, hard braking and cornering, and to compute metrics based on the captured data.


Self-service Portals – Web portals solutions for Insurers

Jarus self-service portals help insurance companies present a uniform user interface to all their backend data and transactions. Using a collection of fine-grained technology components, Jarus is able to quickly develop and deploy agent and customer facing web portals that enable inquiry and transaction capabilities.


Real Time ASAP

Real Time ASAP is an ACORD XML processor that enables Insurers to fulfill B2B transactions with comparative raters and agency management systems used by large agencies and brokers.


Reports ASAP

Jarus Reports ASAP is a business-intelligence (BI) and reporting solution that is customized for insurers. It allows business users to get up-to date reports, customize reports or create new ad-hoc reports.