Telematics feature allows Jarus Mobile Apps to capture real-time driving data, analyze and report the corresponding trip scores.

Sep 30, 2015 – For Immediate Release

Based on the popular request from current mobile app customers, Jarus is pleased to introduce the Telematics feature to its suite of property and casualty mobile apps.

Using the feedback from these apps, the policyholders are able to periodically monitor and improve their driving behavior. Insurers can use the results to understand and assess risks, make pricing decisions and to offer discounts to policyholders with good driving behavior.

“We are excited to add the telematics feature and advanced analytics to our suite of mobile solutions”, said Sundar Vallinayagam, CEO of Jarus technologies. “By leveraging the built-in sensors that are readily available on the smartphones, we are able to capture high-fidelity data without the need to rely on aftermarket hardware devices, at a fraction of the cost”.

The telematics feature also provides sophisticated algorithms and advanced trip analytics to identify events such as excessive acceleration, speeding, hard braking and cornering, and to compute metrics based on the captured data. These metrics then assist policyholders in improving their driving behavior, which in turn directly benefits insurers in minimizing their claims related expenses. As insurers move toward Usage Based Insurance (UBI), the information gleaned from the trip analytics will become increasingly more valuable.

Please visit Telematucs for additional information on Jarus’ new Telematics solution.

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