Jarus Announces Jarus Mobile Api© Specification To Support Mobile Applications And Self-service Portals

JARUS MOBILE API© enables easy integration of Mobile Applications and Self-Service Portals with carrier backend.

Las Vegas, May 6, 2013 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Designed by Jarus for the Insurance industry, Jarus Mobile API© is a set of standards based, language neutral RESTful services. They facilitate multiple devices, using different languages and technologies to communicate with the carrier backend in a secure manner.

With the explosive growth of smartphones and mobile devices, Insurers are eager to develop mobile applications and self-service portals to meet the growing expectation of policyholders, agents and internal users. These user groups seek to have easy and real-time access to the information stored in the backend systems. However, successful implementation of these applications requires a sound architecture, secure communication protocols and well-defined services for integration with core backend systems.

“Jarus Mobile API© addresses the common need across the insurance industry to support the integration of mobile applications and self-service portals with the carrier backend”, said Sundar Vallinayagam, CEO of Jarus technologies. “In addition to the specification, Jarus also provides a Reference Implementation of the API, using which insurers can accelerate their custom implementations”.

Rather than spending a lot of time and effort in perfecting a scalable and flexible architecture that works well for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, Insurers can leverage Jarus’s research by adopting Jarus Mobile API© and focus specifically on integrating with existing web services exposed by their core backend systems. Jarus also provides implementation guides and tools to develop and test the services in an efficient manner.

About Jarus Technologies

Jarus Technologies is a leader in new business and policy administration solutions for P&C insurance. Since its inception, Jarus has brought to market innovative products in the areas of Policy Administration, Mobile applications for Insurance, Self-service portals and several application frameworks. In addition, Jarus has implemented a number of award winning custom solutions for its customers. Jarus is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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