Webinar Title

Web and Mobile – A unified digital strategy

Date, Time
October 21, 2015 — 3:00 pm EST

JD Brown, CIO, Prime Holdings Insurance Services

As the mobile revolution marches on, Insurers are under pressure to provide anytime, anywhere capability to their agents and policyholders. It is becoming critical to have a good unified digital strategy so that the capabilities that are available on the web are also made available on mobile platforms. Responsive web design provides a quick and cost effective path to extending the capabilities of the website to a mobile. Native mobile applications are able to take it a step further to provide a rich user experience and special capabilities that cannot be simply achieved via mobile browsers alone. Learn how Prime Insurance took an innovative and unified approach to drive common UI functionality across web and mobile, and how it helped them to optimize development and ongoing maintenance costs.

Learning Objectives
Learn why do insurers need a unified digital strategy.

The approaches available to insurers to realize a web and mobile digital strategy.

Comparison of the approaches and introduction to a unique path that Prime Insurance took.