Webinar Title

Secure Online Payments

Date, Time
June 2016


Next to Policy Inquiry, Online Payments is one of the most used features on the customer self-service portals and mobile applications. In addition to increasing the overall user experience for policyholders, online payment feature helps to minimize issues related to late payments for insurers. The insurers are required to support many different payment options for a smooth and consistent user experience. Further, on smartphones, technologies such as Apple Pay and the upcoming Android Pay are enabling online payments to be seamless, convenient and secure. In this webinar, you will learn the latest trends, various payment options, integration methods with 3rd party processors and emerging secure payment technologies.

Learning Objectives
Learn various payment options

Understand the benefits of secure mobile payment technologies – Apple Pay and Android Pay

Learn how to integrate with 3rd party processors for consistent mobile/portal user experiencediscounts