Webinar Title

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Date, Time
July 2016


There is no single metric or a simple checklist that can truly measure the customer experience. While an elegant and intuitive user interface is an important aspect, the overall customer experience is a combination of multiple factors. For policyholders, it is all about ease of access to their policy information and convenience — availability of self-service capabilities such as policy inquiry, access to policy documents, online payments, roadside assistance, and timely weather warnings via push notifications. For agents, it is all about the ease of doing business, including the ability to obtain policyholder information with the touch of a finger, create customer touch points for up-sell/cross-sell opportunities and the capability to offer real-time quotes. Join us and learn about the approach insurers are taking towards providing enhanced customer experience to their users.

Learning Objectives
Understand what constitutes a good user experience in the context of Insurance

Learn about the features and functionalities most desired by policyholders and agents

The approach insurers are taking to provide enhanced customer experience